1. The Optimized and Accelerated—CSSilize v1.0b4

    We’re back and good to hear that CSSilize v1.0b4 comes with accelerated performance especially in speed. In this release we have optimized source code and compressed caching technique to improve site speed.

    Also we have implemented asynchronous Javascript load. It gives the appearance of being a lot faster.

    We have implemented “lightening fast” client side validation for the forms.

    We have consecrate on the site’s speed and achieved this one.

  2. v1.0b3, CSSilize— Wave Hello to the Next Generation of Slicing – Commencing Mobile Apps Creation/Conversion

    Before we start, let me tell you the three cool things in this generation.

    Its the invention of “Internet”, “Mobile Phone”.(Guess the third one!)

    As the Internet evolved,  we were there to conquer it by creating perfect slizing works for your needs.
    But, the mobile phone invented has sprouted to a vast varieties and many categories.
    Like every girl wants a guy who is handsome, funny, cheerful, strong, blah..blah..(Seriously!), everyone wants(and has) varieties of mobile from Touch to NonTouch and varieties of App for Symbian, Android( to name a few) and each has its distinct support(Sheesh!).
    But, no matter how large, we are there to slize it…
    (Guessed it?) The third cool thing in this generation is , “CSSilize”, We’re now launching this amazing Mobile Apps Creation/Conversion for your cool mobile!
    CSSilize has provided slizing of many great websites and outstanding projects from many of the best Agriya Products.
    Its time we introduce the slizing of websites for your mobile and Creation/Conversion of Mobiles Apps for your very mobile.
    1) Now, In this version, The launching of “Mobile Apps Creation/Conversion.”
    - We also support wide range of category, from normal non-touch mobile to touch version and
    Android, Blackberry, Symbian, iOS supported apps.

    2) And, finally, some issues/bugs/errors has been fixed in this version.
    Mobile Native Apps Creation/Conversion Using PhoneGap APi

    Mobile Apps Creation/Conversion

    - You have detailed options to choose various mobile app features and requirments
    - Mobile Type such as Touch version, Non-touch version and also Application conversion like  Android, Blackberry etc.,
    - We use the PhoneGap API for converting your PSD to Apps such as “Android, Blackberry, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Symbian and WebOS”.
    - You can select more features likes Contacts, Picture viewer, Geolocation for getting automatic Lat and Log and many more while creating your Mobile Application for a very little price.
    - You even have the upload your icons and splash screen images(If you have) or we will create an excellent icons and images which support all platforms.

    - One of the neatest thing is that, for iOS (iPhone and iPad), they are provided with options for how to create certificate and provision file for iOS and also provide the interface to upload the created certificate details

    - One of the time consuming and confusing(and annoying) thing while creating a iOS (iPhone and iPad) is that you need “Certificate” and other pre requiring details to integrate into your Apps.
    - But, We provide an interface, where all you needed to do is to creating those details and We’ll do the rest!(That simple!)
    - We even show the way for “how to create those stuffs” in easy way.

    - And for the nerdy clients, We are nice enough to give you an option to choose the type of JavaScript Framework either jQTouch or jQuery Mobile (Except the Non-touchy mobiles)

    Other Features

    - Now you can easily preview all the sub-links in your created projects(Only for XHTML Projects).
    - You can now get the rights to remove the “CSSilized by CSSilize” in the footer(If you want to!)

    Well, that’s all for now. I’m sure each and everyone out ready to jump in. Welcome aboard to CSSilize. Happy Slizing!!!

  3. CSSilize v1.0b2 – New looks, more slize, more precision!

    CSSilize is back with more sizzling features than before.
    We also made our CSSilize more “Fashionable and Organized” at the same time, so that means, we made things more ease for you guys to enter your requirements.

    The ‘Red-Hot’ Features:


    - Now we provide more templates than before.
    - Templates such as our famous and high-selling Agriya’s products like GroupDeal, FPPlatform, FPPlatformUltra, FPPlatformUltraPlus, SFPlatform, PeeweePay, Tweetpic, Nocturnal.
    - Also, we provide you the same in theme like MODx, OpenCart, Drupal, Email Template and WordPress theming.


    - Now, you need to worry about the intense selection in the pricing page, we have done that work for you in form of “Packages”
    - Each packages comes with different varieties based on High Quality to Low Price slizing.
    - And most of all, no more hassles or confusion in choosing those parts

    Order Page

    - We made the whole process in a organized way, so you won’t get fainted seeing all those intense requirements that you get to see in other slizing sites.
    - We divided the whole ‘Get the requirement’ stuff in 3 simple way.

    Step: 1 – The Order information page

    - Order information page, collects the basic details about your site, site URL, what category it belong to.(You don’t need to enter all those stuffs however, only few fields are mandatory)
    - We have list the packages in top section, so you select the packages and proceed with the order, by skipping the step 2 process.
    - We have placed the “mock up” file attach in the last section
    - You can now able to upload multiple attached using the latest Flash upload technology
    - Or, you can provide the attachment URL link, and we’ll do the grabbing and using it in your project.

    - Step: 2 – The Order Detail information page

    - Here you choose the latest template available and no of page you required.
    - We already have “additional options”, now, we have added more additional options like microformat, font etc.,
    - If you feel, this option is too complicated you can either contact us or choose the “package option” available in the first step

    - Step: 3 – The Order Payment page

    - The final step, is the payment step, where you need to pay!
    - We’ve added coupon code section here, so you can get a special discount(if you have one!)
    - We also introduce the famous Adapative PayPal thing!


    - Now the client also the has option to sell their finished projects in the marketplace section for extra bucks!!!
    - The great thing about this “Marketplace” is, Reseller can earn money and the buyer can gets his product more faster way.

    Demo login

    - We’ve introduced demo options and demo logins for making client to have demo of the sites created in our sites so far.
    - Using our demo, you can have the exact look and feel before purchasing a one from our site.

    Speed Improvement

    - We also have made some bug fixes and other optimization works in the way SVN stores, thereby increasing the site performance

    Notification mails

    - We provide a way to make the developers/TL informed about their schedule, everyday and every night. So they can easily keep track of things they need to do and need to complete.

    Notify TL

    - We have added a special tab for clients called ‘Notify TL ‘ tab in project view page
    - The purpose of this tab, is to directly get in touch with the TLs and other Lead developers if the project was not going according to the flow or any other issues related to that project.

    More logins! More Access!

    - Now, you can use Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo Logins to enter into our site.

    Dashboard and UI changed

    - The look and feel have been changed for better viewing of our site.
    - Dashboard pages and other listing pages for clients has been added, for making clients to have easier access to their needs.

    Continuing from previous steps

    - We already know the order page has been slized into three steps,  and you can stop in any step and continue the remaining step later. This can be done from your dashboard page

    Status Change Page

    - New option for developers to view the “Status Update” and other given client feedback during updating status.

    Client “Touch Up’s”


    - Client dashboard has been completely modified.
    - Quick links to My Order, My Listing and other pages has been added in sidebar of the dashboard

    Listed Projects

    - Now, you can list your projects in marketplace for resale and earn revenue.
    - For every sale, certain commission will be taken.
    - Advantage for listing here is, you can recover the cost involved by listing in marketplace for resale.


    - The projects purchased from marketplace are listed here for ease management by client.


    - Testimonial page has been changed in UI-wise and also new useful links are added
    - Project listing in marketplace which showed in testimonial page, has been direct link to purchase
    - Pricing template Logo’s are displayed for easy identification of the testimonial given project.

    Project View Page

    - Performance optimization, UI tweaking and other logic wise works have done in project view page

    - Requirement check has been splitted into “Need to check” and “No need to check” for ease distinguishable with the help some stylings.


    - Lots of details has been added in homepage
    - The number of templates we’re providing are showed
    - Free projects will be too listed in homepage in bottom side.
    - Thumb image are now displayed using different JavaScript Plug in for better performance.

    Well, I guess you still scrolling for more :D , but, that’s all for now. No need to be sad, we’ll bring more!!! Serving your needs is our first priority.

  4. Revamped CSSilize site on the way

    Highlight Features:

    Template section has been completely updated, providing new template such as GroupDeal, FpplatForm, Drupal, Modx, Opendcart and WordPress.

    For Developers:

    • Daily project status will be notified for all the developers and Top level users for managing their work effectively.
    • During start and end of the day, all developers and Top level user will be notified about their project schedule.
    • The way the project stored in SVN Structure has been optimized and thereby providing high-speed in accessing the files and browsing the site.
    • More detailed requirement options has been added in order page, thereby gathering more accurate information about client requirement and providing perfect and exact client requirement during delivery stage.

    For Client:

    New feature like providing “Discount coupons” for clients for a special reduced price in ordering their work.

    • New payment gateway “Adaptive PayPal” integrated and provides multiple payment at a time and saves time.
    • File upload can be done in classical “browse file” upload or directly downloading file from an URL.
    • Client dashboard UI has been changed for ease and quick accessing and managing their work effectively.
    • New “Package option” for client provides them to choose their package type during the order stage.
    • Now client has the option to sell their master piece project directly from “Marketplace”, a new cool feature for clients to make cash.
  5. Client is @ ZERO miles far from developer & tester in CSSilize!!!

    Yes friends it is really true and it is happening daily in CSSilize.com. Do you want to know how, then you must read this article.

    What is CSSilize?

    In layman words CSSilize is a site where clients come with their design that is PSD files and go with sliced page that is converted design into HTML pages with CSS implemented, also with full satisfaction!. If we keep digging  then we can realize CSSilize is a meeting place where client is directly meeting developers and testers to make their works dons.

    As we know there are lot of slicing site, freelancer available in the web where we can post design works and finish our works. But to know CSSilize features and  how CSSilize is different from these common site, we should analysis web based traditional process available for client to make their works done.

    Problems in traditional web based process for slicing

    In traditional web based approach client comes with their design as known as PSD image and he will search for online slicing sites or freelancers available. Once he got some sites he will first query the developer/company about the prices for their works, time to finish their works, browser compatibility … more and more option he need to query and confirm with the developer. We will list some common items client should confirm with the developer before giving works to developer/company.

    1. Number of pages to slice
    2. Browse compatibility
    3. Mobile device compatibility
    4. How to view development progress
    5. When the works will be over
    6. How client should contact the developer to discuss
    7. How to report the issues to developer
    8. How to view the progress and demo of the works done
    9. Layout option
    10. Coding standard
    11. Javascript library implementation
    12. Coding standard

    Oops, the list of items the client should confirm is keep on extending and it is endless. Also if your are not a technical person then hope lot of points in the above list looks strange for you, also it is not necessary for client to be technically stuffed. Because the client may be running big automobile company, and he need to create a web page with good user interface and he may have the finished design PSD files with him, and he definitely expect the sliced page should be same as like his original design. Usually all the client expect his design files and sliced page should not have any difference and he need pixel perfect too. Now we come for our first conclusion about the problems in this approach. We will discuss major problems for client in traditional approach

    Problem in fixing price

    In traditional approach while deciding the price for his design, client won’t get the clear picture about what are all the features he will get for the amount he is going to pay. Also if the client is not technical person, they he may miss to query about browser compatibility, layout options, div or table based design, coding standard, Javascript library he required, HTML version of the sliced page, usability option, SEO friendly page design etc. So definitely in sliced page client won’t get all the expected items in his mind for the amount he paid.

    Problem in viewing progress

    Once the client gave the works to developer, the next major problem is monitoring the progress of his slicing works. Suppose client get the expected end date from the developer he has to see the progress of his works in the development period, so he can confirm the works are moving as he expected. But in traditional approach it is not easy for client to directly view the progress of the page. Also I hope it is impossible for client to view the developer and tester activity for his project. He has to send mail or contact to developer and he may send the sliced HTML file to mail or upload in his demo server.  I hope it is hectic work and long process to view a tiny progress visually for the client.

    Problem in posting comment, issues and feedback about the progress by client

    Once the client viewed the progress after all hectic problems, the next major problem is he need to give feedback and comment for the works. For this also again the same lengthy process need to follow, so if client noted some issues he need to take screen shot or describe noted issues in text and need to send mail to the developer. So developer will respond for that issues reported once he checked his mail and it may definitely take time. Another worst case is if the developer is not approving the issues reported by client then he need to again discuss with client through the same lengthy mail sending process…. Hope you can realize how your golden time wasted in these process.

    Problem in viewing testing progress

    Once the client reported comment, issues to developer for the works done, the next major problem is monitoring the testing process in developer side. Since the developer have their own testing team and they may report issues for the slicing works, but the problem is the client is unaware of the activity between the developer and tester in development side. I hope it is impossible for client to view these activity and participate in this process and view the issues being fixed by the developer. So client is completely omitted from the testing process in the development side.

    Hope this is enough to understand the drawback and problems in traditional approach, now we can see the CSSilized way or approach of handling the same slicing works.

    Advantages in CSSilized way of slicing

    CSSilize has is own nice way to approach the client to get works and finish their works. In the traditional approach we saw what are all the items the client should know to order and finish the slice works from developer. As we already discussed if the client is not technically stuffed then the problem is too high in each step of development process. In CSSilized way you can get rid of all the major problems when client making the order itself. So the order page speaks lot with client and he will get clear picture of what he is gong to get as a final product. By showing step by step option and clear information about the each option makes the client life easier for getting their works done.  We will now analysis the each step in placing the slicing order in CSSilize. CSSilize site also have nice video to know more about the features available.

    Selecting number of pages and browser compatibility

    So the next step of ordering is to select the number of pages he need to slice and browser compatibility. In CSSilize he can select the number of pages to slice and and option will have the price for each page count. He can easilyt select the browsers list for compatibility and he will immediately see the overall order price in quick view box.

    Selecting additional options

    As we already discussed there are lot of option the client need to decide to slice the design files, and CSSilize will automatically select the best option for these. But if you are an advanced user and you need to select the option you can easily access that from ‘Additional options’ page. There are three major options available here Layout options, Coding options, Advanced options. Client can select his custom options from the available list of options and he will immediately view the prices for each option and also overall order prices in quick view box.  Also if client want more customized options he can contact the CSSilize directly with contact us page and development team will give feedback for that.

    So after selecting the above option the client will know the features he is going to get in final product and also the amount he need to pay for that. Once client confirms and pays for the selected items, he can login to the CSSilize to do all other activity for the project. We will now see how client is gong to meet the developer and tester and monitoring the progress of his project.

    Monitoring the progress of slicing – Client meeting developers

    CSSilize clients will have project manage page with all monitoring option for each of his project. Client will easily visualize his works started date by developers, his expected end date as he mentioned when placing the order, also two more nice option demo and download. By clicking the demo you can view the latest latest latest copy of the sliced page of your design.  I wrote latest three times intentionally, since this is the very cool and great feature of the CSSilize.com and with this feature you can immediately view the developers latest work online and this feature is the greates feature of CSSilize from my point of view. Hope you are curious to know how this is possible. If you are advanced user you definetely know if more than one person coding or working in project then they will use Versioning control system and also the greate CSSilize team also using the versioning control and the client will see the demo from the latest finished work directly from Version control repository.

    In layman words if the CSSilize team developer add one small dot in your sliced page the client can see that difference immediately in the demo page of his project in CSSilize.com. Is’t this great features!!!!.

    Also the client can view the latest acitivity done by developer for his project. Also the cilent will have download option to download his sliced pages to view demo in his local system. Also the client can see who are working for his project, and project status progress with icons which will clealy give the project current status, and also the orignial requirement of the project in a box. The requirement box will show what are all the option the sliced page will have, this is same what client ordered. Oh I forgot to tell another feature in download, while downloading then sliced pages the client may select Image formst (PNG, JPEG, GIF), CSS embed format (link, style), Compress format.  I like this cool feature.

    Posting issues, comments and monitoring testing activity – Client meeting testers

    Another mandatory and important option needed for client is to send feedback and posting comment. As we already saw how lenghty this process in traditional process. CSSilize have this feature in the same project manage page. So client can post their comment and issues in different form. While posting bugs/issues client can attach their screen shots and other reference files, so in CSSilize client can post issues along with testers for his project. For each issues posted by client he can see the status for that issues posted. Client reported issues will be assinged to developer from CSSilize team and client can monitor the issues fixing. Client issues have status like new when posting, assigned when some developer assinged for that, resolved when developer resolved the issues.

    So client can some time do tester role for this project, but CSSilize team have their own testers, once the project moved to QA status the testers will post issues for that works done, and client will view all the issues reported by testers and he can monitor the process for each issues untill they closed by developer.

    In CSSilize will deliver all project to client only after QA certificed for all the sliced page. The QA process is indepth and pixel perfect checking for all project. We will see the QA process in CSSilize in another ariticle. Once client approved the project the project move to closed state and client get the expected sliced page in expected time.

    Final conclusion

    Hope I discussed how  ‘Client is @ ZERO miles far from developer & tester in CSSilize’. If you are not convinced and not beliveing me then go to cssilize.com and feel the result visually. Enjoy slicing with CSSilize.com.