1. CSSilize v1.0b2 – New looks, more slize, more precision!

    CSSilize is back with more sizzling features than before.
    We also made our CSSilize more “Fashionable and Organized” at the same time, so that means, we made things more ease for you guys to enter your requirements.

    The ‘Red-Hot’ Features:


    - Now we provide more templates than before.
    - Templates such as our famous and high-selling Agriya’s products like GroupDeal, FPPlatform, FPPlatformUltra, FPPlatformUltraPlus, SFPlatform, PeeweePay, Tweetpic, Nocturnal.
    - Also, we provide you the same in theme like MODx, OpenCart, Drupal, Email Template and WordPress theming.


    - Now, you need to worry about the intense selection in the pricing page, we have done that work for you in form of “Packages”
    - Each packages comes with different varieties based on High Quality to Low Price slizing.
    - And most of all, no more hassles or confusion in choosing those parts

    Order Page

    - We made the whole process in a organized way, so you won’t get fainted seeing all those intense requirements that you get to see in other slizing sites.
    - We divided the whole ‘Get the requirement’ stuff in 3 simple way.

    Step: 1 – The Order information page

    - Order information page, collects the basic details about your site, site URL, what category it belong to.(You don’t need to enter all those stuffs however, only few fields are mandatory)
    - We have list the packages in top section, so you select the packages and proceed with the order, by skipping the step 2 process.
    - We have placed the “mock up” file attach in the last section
    - You can now able to upload multiple attached using the latest Flash upload technology
    - Or, you can provide the attachment URL link, and we’ll do the grabbing and using it in your project.

    - Step: 2 – The Order Detail information page

    - Here you choose the latest template available and no of page you required.
    - We already have “additional options”, now, we have added more additional options like microformat, font etc.,
    - If you feel, this option is too complicated you can either contact us or choose the “package option” available in the first step

    - Step: 3 – The Order Payment page

    - The final step, is the payment step, where you need to pay!
    - We’ve added coupon code section here, so you can get a special discount(if you have one!)
    - We also introduce the famous Adapative PayPal thing!


    - Now the client also the has option to sell their finished projects in the marketplace section for extra bucks!!!
    - The great thing about this “Marketplace” is, Reseller can earn money and the buyer can gets his product more faster way.

    Demo login

    - We’ve introduced demo options and demo logins for making client to have demo of the sites created in our sites so far.
    - Using our demo, you can have the exact look and feel before purchasing a one from our site.

    Speed Improvement

    - We also have made some bug fixes and other optimization works in the way SVN stores, thereby increasing the site performance

    Notification mails

    - We provide a way to make the developers/TL informed about their schedule, everyday and every night. So they can easily keep track of things they need to do and need to complete.

    Notify TL

    - We have added a special tab for clients called ‘Notify TL ‘ tab in project view page
    - The purpose of this tab, is to directly get in touch with the TLs and other Lead developers if the project was not going according to the flow or any other issues related to that project.

    More logins! More Access!

    - Now, you can use Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo Logins to enter into our site.

    Dashboard and UI changed

    - The look and feel have been changed for better viewing of our site.
    - Dashboard pages and other listing pages for clients has been added, for making clients to have easier access to their needs.

    Continuing from previous steps

    - We already know the order page has been slized into three steps,  and you can stop in any step and continue the remaining step later. This can be done from your dashboard page

    Status Change Page

    - New option for developers to view the “Status Update” and other given client feedback during updating status.

    Client “Touch Up’s”


    - Client dashboard has been completely modified.
    - Quick links to My Order, My Listing and other pages has been added in sidebar of the dashboard

    Listed Projects

    - Now, you can list your projects in marketplace for resale and earn revenue.
    - For every sale, certain commission will be taken.
    - Advantage for listing here is, you can recover the cost involved by listing in marketplace for resale.


    - The projects purchased from marketplace are listed here for ease management by client.


    - Testimonial page has been changed in UI-wise and also new useful links are added
    - Project listing in marketplace which showed in testimonial page, has been direct link to purchase
    - Pricing template Logo’s are displayed for easy identification of the testimonial given project.

    Project View Page

    - Performance optimization, UI tweaking and other logic wise works have done in project view page

    - Requirement check has been splitted into “Need to check” and “No need to check” for ease distinguishable with the help some stylings.


    - Lots of details has been added in homepage
    - The number of templates we’re providing are showed
    - Free projects will be too listed in homepage in bottom side.
    - Thumb image are now displayed using different JavaScript Plug in for better performance.

    Well, I guess you still scrolling for more :D , but, that’s all for now. No need to be sad, we’ll bring more!!! Serving your needs is our first priority.

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