1. v1.0b3, CSSilize— Wave Hello to the Next Generation of Slicing – Commencing Mobile Apps Creation/Conversion

    Before we start, let me tell you the three cool things in this generation.

    Its the invention of “Internet”, “Mobile Phone”.(Guess the third one!)

    As the Internet evolved,  we were there to conquer it by creating perfect slizing works for your needs.
    But, the mobile phone invented has sprouted to a vast varieties and many categories.
    Like every girl wants a guy who is handsome, funny, cheerful, strong, blah..blah..(Seriously!), everyone wants(and has) varieties of mobile from Touch to NonTouch and varieties of App for Symbian, Android( to name a few) and each has its distinct support(Sheesh!).
    But, no matter how large, we are there to slize it…
    (Guessed it?) The third cool thing in this generation is , “CSSilize”, We’re now launching this amazing Mobile Apps Creation/Conversion for your cool mobile!
    CSSilize has provided slizing of many great websites and outstanding projects from many of the best Agriya Products.
    Its time we introduce the slizing of websites for your mobile and Creation/Conversion of Mobiles Apps for your very mobile.
    1) Now, In this version, The launching of “Mobile Apps Creation/Conversion.”
    - We also support wide range of category, from normal non-touch mobile to touch version and
    Android, Blackberry, Symbian, iOS supported apps.

    2) And, finally, some issues/bugs/errors has been fixed in this version.
    Mobile Native Apps Creation/Conversion Using PhoneGap APi

    Mobile Apps Creation/Conversion

    - You have detailed options to choose various mobile app features and requirments
    - Mobile Type such as Touch version, Non-touch version and also Application conversion like  Android, Blackberry etc.,
    - We use the PhoneGap API for converting your PSD to Apps such as “Android, Blackberry, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Symbian and WebOS”.
    - You can select more features likes Contacts, Picture viewer, Geolocation for getting automatic Lat and Log and many more while creating your Mobile Application for a very little price.
    - You even have the upload your icons and splash screen images(If you have) or we will create an excellent icons and images which support all platforms.

    - One of the neatest thing is that, for iOS (iPhone and iPad), they are provided with options for how to create certificate and provision file for iOS and also provide the interface to upload the created certificate details

    - One of the time consuming and confusing(and annoying) thing while creating a iOS (iPhone and iPad) is that you need “Certificate” and other pre requiring details to integrate into your Apps.
    - But, We provide an interface, where all you needed to do is to creating those details and We’ll do the rest!(That simple!)
    - We even show the way for “how to create those stuffs” in easy way.

    - And for the nerdy clients, We are nice enough to give you an option to choose the type of JavaScript Framework either jQTouch or jQuery Mobile (Except the Non-touchy mobiles)

    Other Features

    - Now you can easily preview all the sub-links in your created projects(Only for XHTML Projects).
    - You can now get the rights to remove the “CSSilized by CSSilize” in the footer(If you want to!)

    Well, that’s all for now. I’m sure each and everyone out ready to jump in. Welcome aboard to CSSilize. Happy Slizing!!!

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